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Jo Minney: Our Wild Journey Implementing A Headless WordPress Blog

Several months ago we got REALLY EXCITED when we discovered that some industrious individuals had started implementing Gutenberg for other CMS & frameworks.

Gutenberg for Laravel? Gutenberg for Drupal? Amazing!

Then we tried it ourselves. And failed, miserably.

Back to the drawing board – we needed a different way to integrate the shiny new block editor we’d already promised our favourite client with the mother of all websites.

We’re talking a custom PHP website built on a highly complex custom enterprise CMS/ERP system developed over a 15 year period. No sweat.

Fortunately for us, the latest craze in the WordPress development world – headless WordPress – came to the rescue!

Find out about our journey as we share what we tried before landing on our final solution, what we ended up with, what we’d do differently next time and what our key takeaways from this wild adventure were!

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